The process and how it works:

Handprints, footprints and paw prints  - we send out a kit with full instructions for use which includes an inkless non-toxic wipe which is 100% safe for children and babies - these wipes are used in maternity units to take prints and are totally harmless.  You will need to add this to your basket if required when completing sale.  One inkless kit is sufficient for two hand or footprints or a couple of paw prints - more packs will be needed if multiple children's print are required. 

Fingerprints  - we send out a 100% safe specialist putty which you use to take your child's impression and post it back to us.  You will need to add this to your basket when completing your sale.   You will have the opportunity to take prints up to three times before the putty will become unworkable (about 2 minutes).  We can only work with the impression we are sent so please contact us if you feel the imprint you have taken is unsuitable and we can arrange a replacement.  

Please note we recommend that fingerprints only be taken for children over 12 months as fingerprint impressions are not fully formed until after this point.  However, if you really want a fingerprint - you still can, but it won't be as defined as an older child's print - so maybe a hand or foot print would be a good option?, then a fingerprint charm to add to your charms once the child is that bit older.

Doodles and Scribbles - we require you to scan the artwork then email to us as a high resolution jpeg (300dpi). The art work will preferably be in pencil or black pen/crayon.  Coloured art can still be used but at an extra cost due to the work required in converting the image (the finished result will still be black on jewellery).  You will have to add this to your basket on completing the sale.  With scribble charms there is a limit to how many words we can fit onto particular sizes of charms but as a ball park 'I love mummy' or a short phrase of three or four words will be suitable for our scribble charms but not a sentence.  If in doubt contact us before ordering.

Baby Ultrasound Scans - we will require a jpeg image of quality 300dpi to be scanned and emailed to us.  The final jewellery piece will reflect the image sent to us so please send your best 2d hospital scan image.  Please note scans from 5 months onwards tend to show more detail and produce a more recognisable shape.

Kiss Prints - for quickness and convenience we ideally advise you email us a scanned jpeg image of your kiss  - to do this we recommend you put on your darkest lipstick and kiss a sheet of white paper then scan before emailing the image to us as a high resolution (300dpi) image.  However we do offer an Inkless kit for any men out there who do not relish the prospect of wearing lipstick! - however this delays the process where a jpeg would suffice.  

I already have a handprint or footprint image - can you use this?

Yes, if you have an existing image then you can scan it and save as a high resolution jpeg (300dpi) then email to me.  You will not need the inkless kit if this is the case.  Remember we need a good quality image as this will be used to create the end result in your jewellery.

 Can you accept images by post?- I don't have a scanner

 If you have requested an inkless/fingerprint kit, we will already be receiving the image by post, however for those of you who have an existing image but you do not have a scanner or are unsure about sending a jpeg/email please go ahead with the purchase as normal stating 'No' when asked if you require an Inkless Kit (applies to finger/foot and paw prints, kiss prints) or in the case of baby scans and doodles you will not see this option, so continue with the sale as normal and post your image to me. 

 Please inform us by email of your intention to post the artwork and include your details with artwork before posting so we can match it to your online order.  Please note we will only return your hand/foot/paw print, scan, doodle or kiss print image with the finished jewellery if you posted it to us originally (this does not apply for those who purchased an inkless kit from me in which case we keep image on file for 2 years).  We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged images.

 What happens once I've placed my order?

Where a new print is required (i.e. an Inkless kit or fingerprint kit has beeen ordered) you will need to take your child's print or impression and post back to us or email your jpeg where applicable.  As soon as we receive your image we begin work on your jewellery item.  We aim to send you your completed jewellery item within 3 weeks of receipt of your print/impression/artwork but this can increase to 4 weeks in busy periods - see 'Delivery' section for more information.

Remember the image you send will be scaled down to a size appropriate for jewellery wear and to the size of the charm ordered.  Also keep in mind that the sooner we receive your print/impression the sooner I can begin work.

What is my charm made from?

The product used for all the charms is recycled fine silver (999) which has been reclaimed from circuit boards and mobile phones etc so you are buying an environmentally friendly product!   Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver as opposed to sterling silver which is mixed with other alloys making it 92.5% pure silver (925).  Fine silver is softer than sterling silver and will take on some character over the years. 

Charm Care

As with all silver, over time it will be necessary to use a polishing cloth to keep charms looking their best.  As our charms have oxidised (blackened) detail, it is not recommended that you submerge the charm in silver dip, we recommend a silver polishing cloth for charms and silver dip for any chains.  Silver dip can also be used with cotton buds on fittings to keep them tarnish free.

How do I order/pay

We currently undertake orders via my website and in person.  All payments are handled by a third party - Paypal.  No personal or private credit card information is retained by us.  Please refer to Paypal's usage policy for information on the service they provide. 


Each item will be packaged securely in a bubble-wrapped parcel and displayed gift ready in a good quality jewellery presentation box. 

  Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.


We cannot accept cancellations after 7 days of the date your order was placed.  This is due to the fact that some work may have already been undertaken with your custom jewellery and materials purchased to complete your order.  However under the distance selling regulations you have the right to cancel up to 7 days after the order was placed but this will be minus any expenditure we have made on postage, inkless/fingerprint kits and materials over that time in the process of fulfilling your order.


As all our jewellery is custom made, we can only accept the return of goods which are faulty, in which case they will be will be repaired or replaced by us.  Should you in any way be unhappy with your purchase we are happy to discuss and rectify any problems with your order in this instance. 

Changes to an Order

We are not responsible to the mis-spelling of names or any other text on a piece and you are wholly responsible for this aspect of a design.  If you wish to change anything about your order please contact us as soon as possible to see if this can be done (this will only be the case if work has not begun on your order). 

Re-ordering in Charm Gifts in Future

For your convenience we will keep your original prints and impressions on file for a period of 2 years after placing your order so additional jewellery orders can be made with existing prints and impressions.  After 2 years these will be destroyed and new prints and impressions will be required. 


We reserve the right to include photographs of the jewellery we have created and use said photographs on our website.  However, we will not use any images which will in anyway identify a person or that we deem as personal in terms of the text displayed on a charm etc. 

We always aim to put the inscription on the front of the charm if instructed to do so. However in some cases this is not possible due to limited space. We reserve the right to place the inscription on the reverse in this instance without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

We do not pass on any confidential information to any third parties ever.  We take customer privacy very seriously and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Jewellery Finishing

The product will be hand polished to a high quality finish, however please take account that as items are custom handmade pieces, there may be small imperfections which are to be expected in a handmade product.  All findings and attached jump rings should be checked on receipt of the product.  If you have any concerns with the product please contact us immediately.


Charms can be struck with my Maker's Mark and also 999 FS (signifying fine silver) on request.  My Maker's Mark was assigned by the Assay Office.  Full hallmarking will be available at an additional cost and takes a further 2 weeks to complete.  Please contact me if you require full hallmarking as this can be arranged.