Charm Shapes/Sizes/Findings

I currently offer the following shapes and sizes* (please note not all sizes and shapes are available for each specific jewellery item i.e some items will be supplied in small size as medium or large would be inappropriate for that jewellery item, however you will be given options for sizes where it is feasible to do so when ordering in my shop).  

Charms - small and medium size (with some exceptions), Pendants - medium and large, Bracelets - medium (with some exceptions), Keyrings - Medium, Dog Tags - Large (with exceptions). Cufflinks - Medium only.  Sizes for each shape are as follows:

                           Small                   Medium              Large                

Heart                 1.6 x 1.8cm          2.2 x 2.3cm         2.6 x 2.8cm      

Curvy Heart     2.0 x 2.5cm          2.4 x 3.1cm        2.9 x 3.8cm

Round                1.3cm                    2.0cm                  2.3cm     

Teardrop            1.5 x 2.3cm          2.0 x 3.2cm        2.3 x 4.0cm

Oval                    1.7 x 2.5cm          2.2 x 2.8cm        2.8 x 3.3cm

Square                1.6cm                    1.9cm                  2.2cm

Rectangle            2.2 x 1.4cm          2.6 x 1.7cm        2.9 x 1.9cm

Pear Shape   1.2 x 2.0cm     1.6 x 2.6cm        2.0 x 3.2cm

Dog Tag Shape    1.5 x 2.5cm          1.7 X 3.0cm       2.1 x 3.5cm

*Sizes stated are for unfired silver - please note there is approximately 10% shrinkage in the final charm received please take account of this when ordering.


All charms are supplied with a sturdy sterling silver ring which can be opened with pliers for attachment to an existing jewellery item where appropriate.

 All findings on jewellery such as chains, cuff links and key rings are supplied on solid sterling silver fittings ( these will normally be hallmarked as 925 depending on supplier).