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As a qualified Jeweller I can customise your jewellery to exactly as you imagine it by adding names, dates, handprints, gemstones - you name it (literally!).  Just email me and we can get creative!  

My work differs from competitiors as I have a true understanding of jewellery and design due to my extensive formal training and experience.  I rely solely on inhouse skills and can create one-of-a-kind jewellery for you that you will not see elsewhere.  My finishing and attention to detail are to a superior standard to competitiors as I take time to make your jewellery.  I am also a parent and know how much personalised keepsake jewellery means to my customers.

This is my 'Tree of Life' Pendant which can be customised with children's names/dates of birth and Swarovski Birthstones or however you like!


Imagine your child's actual handprints, footprints, fingerprints & doodles captured on beautiful personalised fine silver jewellery/gifts for you to wear & cherish forever....look no further! - Not only that, your pet's paw prints, baby scans & even a kiss print can be captured on jewellery & gifts providing family heirlooms with priceless sentimental value.  We are also on Facebook - link below!